Famous Lollywood small – big screen actor Ghayyur Akhtar dies

By on February 7, 2014
Ghayyur Akhtar

On Friday (February 6, 2014) Pakistani actor Ghayyur Akhtar passed away while in Lahore. Suffering with paralysis for quite several months, the actor was pronounced dead at a local hospital where he was brought the other night in a critical condition, reports PopBluster.

At hospital

One of the very well-known and regarded radio – television and silver screen Lollywood artists Ghayyur Akhtar reportedly suffered with paralysis some three years ago. Media reports suggest that the other night, Akhtar’s condition deteriorated and although the actor was rushed to a local hospital but he could not survive. Short while later, the hospital authorities pronounced him dead.


It was in the late 1970s when Ghayyur Akhtar started his acting career and by 1980s; he managed to establish him as one of the most successful and famous actors of his era. Although he appeared in countless television plays but the roles he played in ‘Sona Chandi’ and ‘Khawaja and Son’ series were particularly appreciated by all.
The seasoned actor, whose career was full of countless startling performances, was particularly famous for his God-gifted acting abilities in comedy roles.  Ghayyur Akhtar will always live in his fans’ hearts.

With Irfan Hashmi

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