Tanisha – Armaan Intimacy; the latest Bigg Boss Scandal!

By on November 21, 2013
Tanisha and Armaan

Ever since the shocking news about Tanisha and Armaan being captured ‘wearing nothing’ made its way to media; the same has caused huge sensation all around. The two Bigg Boss contestants have reminded us all of the infamous Veena – Ashmit scandal and PopBluster learns that the entire Bigg Boss crew is pretty upset over the incident.

Hindi – Bengali, Telugu and Tamil actress Tanisha has literally asked for trouble by getting cozy with former Indian actor Armaan Kohli. One must say that causing huge flutter and unrest among the Bigg Boss crew, the couple really acted very bravely; by ignoring a lot of ‘factors’ completely.

Tanisha, Armaan, what did you think you were all alone in the house? Did you think your ‘dirty secrets’ will remain secret; even in the presence of 84 damn cameras? Didn’t you learn any lesson from the infamous Veena Malik – Ashmit Patel scandal and subsequent embarrassment surrounding and following Malik and Patel?

If the shocking claims are to be believed that while captured during their ‘intimate moment’ in a bed, both the contestants wore no clothes; it is really pity, very shameful and simply unbelievable. Tanisha, let’s dare say that Veena Malik was better than you, since while getting cozy with Patel; she had her clothes on!!!

Now what if the couple’s intimate moment will never be aired for the audiences at home to watch, what if honoring the censorship policies, the show organizers will ‘delete the scene’ before the release of episode? How the couple would ‘justify’ their dirty act ever? How would Tanisha be able to face her already peeved, annoyed family members?

And above all, what about Salman Khan’s ‘loud and clear’ warning; not to get intimate while during their stay in the house? Let’s see whether how Salman deals the situation now; by going Dabangg in real life or by simply laughing off the scandal…

The word is out that Tanisha and Armaan’s nude act however, did not go ‘unnoticed’ as channel has reportedly questioned whether how authentic the ‘report’ really is!

The source from the channel has rubbished Armaan and Tanisha’s nude act. “These rumors are completely baseless. With 84 prying cameras capturing every move of the contestants, how can something like this ever happen on the show?” the source said.

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