Massive Wardrobe Malfunction: Joanna Krupa leaves Tina Fey way behind

By on September 26, 2013
Joanna Krupa's top makes the actress topless, accidentally!

All those talking about a recent Tina Fey wardrobe malfunction are discussing, watching and enjoying another one; the massive skin show featuring Joanna! The 34-year-old Polish-American model – actress almost went completely topless Tuesday in Miami while playing with Darla, her dog. Joanna’s extremely loose-fitting tie dye top revealed a little bit too much skin, reports PopBluster.

Wearing skinny dark blue jeans alongside a flowery top, the reality star suffered her ‘Oops Moment’ in Miami as she bent down, only to reveal too much and to offer an extremely hot moment for paparazzi to save on canvas. Joanna Krupa is, however, not new to the situation when she exposed her tailor-made lovely figure as she has posed for cameras on numerous occasions in past; with or without clothes.

We thus have a very serious advice for Joanna: No bra – – – – – lot of problem!!!

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