Did you know? Mera Sultan’s Meryem Uzerli suffers with ‘burnout syndrome.’

By on September 6, 2013

Meryem Uzerli, the beautiful Turkish-German actress from Mera Sultan, who’s playing Hürrem Sultan in the prime time historical Turkish soap opera television series; has health issues. PopBluster reports that currently, the 30-year-old is being treated for her ‘burnout syndrome’ in Berlin; ever since she left for Germany in May, to treat her illness there.

Viewers of the series ‘Magnificent Century,’ originally broadcast on Show TV, may not realize that why Meryem Uzerli, playing the leading slave girl-turned-Sultana character would be replaced by Vahide Gördüm in the closing episodes. Well, from episode 103, Vahide Gördüm will be taking her part as Hürrem Sultan since Uzerli left the series in the middle towards the end of May and flew back to Germany; leaving the producers with no choice but to take Vahide in.

Initially, numerous reports followed Uzerli’s sudden departure, most of them citing ‘no’ or ‘unknown’ reasons for the same. However, later it was revealed that the lovely and lively actress struggled with psychological problems and now we hear that the 30-year-old actually suffers with a ‘burnout syndrome.’ It has been learnt that currently, the actress is receiving treatment for the disease at a clinic in Berlin. Timur Savcı, the producer of the series, also confirmed that they had to go on; without Uzerli.

“Uzerli is having ‘unsolvable’ psychological problems she had herself, said previously that it’s a burnout syndrome. The “Magnificent Century” will though continue but; with a new, years-older Hürrem Sultan; with a storyline 15 years later.”

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