‘King Of Comedy’ Amanullah Khan Shows Up At Al-Hamra’

By on March 14, 2013
Amanullah Khan

Seldom have we seen a renowned artist sitting among the audience and watching other artists performing onstage. However, over the weekend, Amanullah showed up at Al-Hamra to watch a play; sitting with others in the front row. PopBluster learns that the comedian was warmly welcomed by fellow artists.

The interesting incident occurred few days ago at Lahore’s most popular drama venue Al-Hamra whereby the ‘King of Comedy’ Aman Ullah Khan joined the audience to watch a play under exhibition at Hall No. 1 there. It was great to watch that the entire cast of the stage drama welcomed the comedian enthusiastically.

Later, the fellow artists sat together with Aman Ullah and shared the ‘good old memories’ with him. On their request, Aman Ullah ensured the actors and countless fans who were overjoyed to see the legendry actor among them, to perform at Al-Hamra soon.

He said that right now he’s pretty busy and pre-occupied with recordings of ‘Khabarnak,’ a widely watched television sitcom therefore; he’s unable to spare time for stage plays. Towards the end of play, Aman Ullah appreciated the actors’ performance and clapped for them.

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