Kangna Ranaut as ‘Revolver Rani’

By on February 12, 2013
Kangana Ranaut attends the launch ceremony for the Hindi film “Shootout at Wadala”

‘Revolver Rani’ is the upcoming movie of the Indian actress, the filming of which is scheduled to commence from March. PopBluster has learned that Kangna has several other movies awaiting release this year.

A very attractive Indian actress Kangna Ranaut is very much ‘in’ these days as several Indian film producers are in constant touch with the 25-year-old. Last year, she had only one film on her credit but this year; more than half dozen movies will hit the theaters; starring Kangna Ranaut!

Starting her acting career from Delhi-based Asmita Theater, Kangna is regarded as one of the trusted names in Bollywood these days. According to Sai Kabir, the director, Kangna was the best suitable person for this Gangster character in the movie; ‘she has the looks of an innocent yet a dangerous woman simultaneously.’Page Views (401)

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